Voice hits the studio

2016-09-11-12-57-40At the start of September Voice Youth Choir & Orchestra, Junior Choir and Creative Artists headed to Parr Street Studios in Liverpool to record their new album.

2016-09-10-15-33-21‘This Is Living’ will feature all of Voice’s regular ensembles and showcase some the songs they have learnt over the past couple of years. For many it was their first experience of recording in a professional studio and opened their eyes to what recording is like!

On the first day, the rhythm section laid the foundations of each track, with the strings, woodwind and brass layering over the top in the afternoon and evening sessions. The choirs were recorded on the second day before the mixing and mastering process begun.

2016-09-10-13-07-44It was a brilliant experience and we can’t wait to hear the final results. Huge thanks to Tony and Dan at Parr Street for their hard work and for making this happen!

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