Voice Summer Residential Review

As around 50 young people and a team of leaders from across the country arrived in Lancaster on a Sunday afternoon in August, we were all looking forward to a week of music, activities, great food, and the chance to spend the week digging into God’s Word together.

Under the theme of ‘I AM’, we rehearsed a programme of songs which explored both who God is, and who we are as a result, enabling us all to use our musical gifts to approach God and worship Him. We also spent our teaching sessions looking into the claims that Jesus made about himself and then relating these ideas to our own lives and identities. As we tracked Jesus’ ‘I am…’ statements through John’s Gospel, we spent time discussing our ideas with each other, and were also able to look at other Bible passages to help us explore more about who God is and who we are as children of God.

On top of our music rehearsals and teaching times, we also played water polo, created some amazing art and craft, went shopping in Lancaster, enjoyed an afternoon of sports and water balloons, and then also had huge amounts of fun learning to barn dance while wearing our County and Western-themed fancy dress!

At the end of the week, we put on a fantastic show in Clitheroe to share everything that we’d rehearsed and learnt during the week. Our residential was an amazing time spent playing and singing wonderful music, making new friends and having lots of fun together as well as learning more about Jesus, as we used our music to worship the God who proclaims ‘I AM’.

By Hannah Jackson

“Yet another year at Voice completely blown away by God and everyone’s talents!!”

“I don’t think anything helps me connect with God more than singing like this with so many like minded people.”

“One of the best weeks ever!!”

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