Voice perform at Selby Abbey

On Saturday 20th January Voice Youth Choir & Orchestra performed for the first time at Selby Abbey. The abbey itself is a beautiful building where people have worshipped God and served the community for over 900 years. Voice built on this rich heritage of worship with our own exciting music and proclamation of praise.

The programme featured some of our older songs including ‘Boldy I Approach’, ‘Live Like That’ and ‘Already There’. We were especially proud of our Voice Selby group, many of whom performed with us for the first time, and of Meg Watson who sung brilliantly one of her own songs, ‘So Loved’.

Voice would like to thank the Abbey for the opportunity to perform and thank all of those involved in making the concert such a success. The concert was wonderfully received by the audience and we really hope and pray that our music spoke some of God’s truth into their lives.

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