Junior Weekend at Home

Instead of going away for our annual junior residential, from 12-14 June we ran our Voice Weekend at Home!

The team ran four fantastic sessions over Zoom. On the Friday evening we danced and laughed our through our houseparty, full of disappearing acts and dance moves. The next day, we had two sessions during which we learnt to sing ‘Confidence’ by Sanctus Real and ‘Every Giant Will Fall’ by Rend Collective. We also explored the story of David and Goliath from 1 Samuel 17 and explored what it taught us about God and ourselves. The weekend finished off on Sunday afternoon with a performance of the songs we had learnt, a family quiz and the result of our team competition, won by the yellows!

Here, Voice Leader Becky shares a bit more about the teaching during our weekend:

“Confidence. It’s a big word, it’s a big topic. It’s something that I knew wasn’t going to be easy to teach the kids about, because even as an adult it can be hard to feel confident all the time. So we turned to look at David, the young shepherd boy, who was confident enough to stand in front of a 3 metre tall Philistine champion with no armour of his own, just 5 stones and a sling. We looked at how before David went to take on his giant, he first became confident in who God is. He had seen God rescue him from lions and bears in the fields and so he knew that God could do that again. When we feel weak or afraid, often we pray that God would give us confidence in ourselves. This weekend we talked about how we should spend time with God, getting to know him and asking God to increase our faith in him. Out of that a right view of ourselves will grow and we will be able to face our giants with confidence in the living God and confidence in ourselves too. I expect that many giants will fall in the name of Jesus through the faith of these kids, who this weekend sang with confidence that ‘nothing is impossible with God’ and ‘every giant will fall’.”

A huge thanks to the team and to the children for what was a hugely successful and enjoyable weekend together online!

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