Youth Weekend

In February, we held our youth weekend retreat in Lymm, focusing on the theme of ‘Made to Worship’. Here, Voice leader Matt and youth member Ashleigh reflect on our time together.

Voice Leader Matt:

Isaiah 43:21, “The people whom I formed for myself will declare my praise.”

Last weekend, I joined Voice to think about this verse and the idea that we have been made to worship. It’s what we do best. It’s the reason we were made. Some of the young people had the first-time experience of leading the church in sung worship on Sunday. I always find it wonderful to have people of all generations singing together in worship.

One of the weekend’s highlights for me was the song writing workshop. Hearing young people starting to craft and create their very first songs of worship. It was amazing to see them press into the truths about God and express them with their own voice.

Youth member Ashleigh:

This weekend’s residential was such a great opportunity to spend time with new people, but also to hear the amazing word of God through the music, talks and prayers. We looked at how we are “made to worship” and I learnt that it’s not just about worshipping God on a Sunday, it’s about praising Him and maintaining a consistent relationship with Him, no matter what time, day or month of the year it is.

I loved how everyone could express themselves in their own unique way through the creative workshops, whether it was making music or painting a masterpiece. Moreover, I loved how we all could be truthful in our faith and feel at peace within that.

I found one of the songs we performed, “Build My Life”, really meaningful as it contains such powerful and encouraging words. The one line that stands out to me is, “I will build my life upon upon your love, it is a firm foundation.” This beautiful line says that God is our foundation and we are stable and secure within him. As we go through life, He will always be there for us, in the highest of highs and lowest of lows.

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