Voice Youth

Voice youth groups bring together musicians from across communities and churches who want to make great music whilst exploring and sharing their Christian faith through it. We perform contemporary Christian music from a variety of styles especially arranged for choir, band and orchestral instruments. We take part in regular concerts, write our own music and even record our own albums now and again! It’s a great place to meet other young people with similar interests and passions and is a fantastic opportunity for you to use your musical skills in new and exciting ways!

We meet in small groups and come together to form a larger Voice Youth Choir & Orchestra for some of our events, recordings and residentials. Our groups are for young people who sing or who play a rock band or orchestral instrument (minimum grade 4). The age ranges of the groups vary depending on the make up of each group. The suggested minimum ages are given below.

Voice Youth Music Groups:

St. Peter’s Woolton, Liverpool – fortnightly Tuesdays 6.30-8pm years 6-8, 7.30-9pm years 9-13
The Bank, Upton, Wirral – fortnightly Tuesdays 6.15-7.45pm years 7-13
Lymm Baptist Church, Warrington – fortnightly Thursdays 7.30-9pm years 7-13
Selby, York – twice a term Saturdays 2-5pm years 7-13

Malvern Evangelical Church, Worcester – Voice are running a four session project, 2-5pm on Saturdays 9th Feb, 2nd Mar, 6th Apr and 11th May 2019. Contact [email protected] to get involved.

Waverton Evangelical Fellowship, Chester – Voice are running three taster sessions, 7.30-9pm on Mondays 25th Feb, 25th Mar and 29th Apr 2019. Contact [email protected] for more information.

If you would like to join a Voice group please contact us and you can come along!

If you would like to see a group start in your area we would love to hear from you – please contact us and we will see what we can do!

The performances that we did this term were really fun and exciting, and something I will remember for the rest of my life!

I love performing with Voice, seeing lots of people come together under the same roof smiling and having a great time. It’s liberating to think that I’m part of the wide spreading of the word of God. It’s always been something I’ve wanted to do!

One of the special things about Voice is the great relationships formed between our members. Our performances are for God and I, for one, feel privileged to be part of Voice and use my talents as part of my personal worship.