The heart of Voice is to give children and young people the opportunity to make outstanding music whilst exploring and expressing faith in Jesus. To give even more children and young people this opportunity, Voice delivers projects in primary and secondary schools.

Projects can be tailor-made to meet the needs and budgets of each school. Here are some examples of projects that Voice can offer:

Fantastic songs taught over 10 weeks finishing with a performance. Designed to meet aspects of the Music and Citizenship curriculums.

Your very own Voice school choir, delivered by one of our Voice leaders.

Children and young people expressing themselves as they write lyrics, create melodies and form their own songs.

Workshops & Assemblies
One-off workshops and assemblies, helping to create a culture of singing and enrich collective worship.

“Fabulous concert! What you’ve achieved is just brilliant and the music enriches the children so much. Thanks for all your hard work and enthusiasm.” Y6 parent

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