Youth Resi Goes Online

In August, Voice ran their first youth residential online, with the theme of ‘Connect.’ Here, team leader Abbi reflects on a fantastic time together.

“Alongside the fun of a murder mystery, games, quizzes and worship, we have been looking at how we connect with God this week at our online alternative to our summer residential. We have explored reading the Bible, putting it into context and looked at how we work out what is directly applicable for us today. It is out of knowing more about God and his heart through the Bible that we can step into a relationship with Him, which leads us into prayer and worship. These are two things that Christians are expected to know and engage with but we often brush over the intricacies and detail of how these things grow our relationship with God. There is also the practical application – how do we pray and how do we worship God with our lives?

We learned two songs that are apt for this season that we find ourselves in – Refuge by Finding Favour and To The One by I Am They. They speak of how God is a safe place for us to be, regardless of our sin, hurts and worries. I have included a couple of the lyrics from these songs for you to read and reflect on, and pray that you all come to know the One who is above any other and brings us freedom and new life regardless of what we have done. He wants to know you, to connect with you and to bring you life to the full.”

Bring your dreams and bring your worries
Highest highs and lowest lows
Every hope you pin your heart on
Every hurt you can’t let go

To the One whose name is Healer
To the One who came to save
To the One whose love is stronger than the power of the grave
Come and raise your Hallelujah to the God who overcomes
Lift your hands, lift your heart, to the One!

My soul it sings to you
Oh God you are my refuge
I will cling, I will cling to you
My shelter through the storm
My peace when waves of troubles roll
I will cling, I will cling to you

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