Junior Weekend Away

In June we had a fantastic time on our Voice Junior Choir weekend away. Here, one of our junior members, Miriam, tells you all out it.

I had been counting down the days, and finally the day came! And those were the best days ever! After a hot 2-hour journey to Quinta, we finally arrived. We got to know other Voice members easily through our singing and playing, and our 2:00 am toilet trips. We played lots of great games, like frisbee golf, football, ping pong and playing pool in the games room.

Our theme for this residential was ‘You’re Not Invisible’. We all had fun learning more about this through new songs and learning about God in our daily Bible studies.

I now have a new favourite song called ‘Invisible’ which we learned while we were there (and none of us would stop singing it when we got home). I also loved the nature journalling we did with Chloe, which helped us understand that nature is beautiful, and that God created it with so many intricate details.

One of my favourite activities was swimming in the pool, where we had float races. I also enjoyed our sleeping bag races and the banana peel fight I had with Simon (I’m pretty sure I won!). We all wanted to thank our EPIC cooks who made us wonderful meals and delicious desserts – don’t worry parents we still had vegetables!

When the final day came, we all waved goodbye to Quinta. None of us wanted to go, we all wanted to replay the days of the Voice residential again and again in our heads because it was unforgettable. We finished this amazing experience with a perfect performance of all the super songs we had learned. Invisible (epic), Louder (that was a classic) and Voice of Truth (which was amazing). As we all walked out at the end in our blue Voice t-shirts, we couldn’t wait for the next residential!

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